Get the Mystic 8 Ball

Add to Passbook

Add to Passbook

What is the Mystic 8 Ball

The Magic 8 Ball was created in the 50's and was produced by Mattel. It answers your yes/no questions.

The Mystic 8 Ball is the modern day equivalent especially designed for Apple Passbook. Just test it, it's fun.

  1. Grab the Mystic 8 Ball Pass by scanning the QR code or click the "Add to Apple Wallet" button
  2. Add the Mystic 8 Ball Pass to Passbook (iOS6-8) or Wallet (iOS9)
  3. Open Wallet (or Passbook), an find your very own Mystic 8 Ball Pass
  4. Flip the pass (you'll see the little info icon in the bottom right of the Pass) and click on the link
  5. Type in your question (remember it should be possible to answer with a Yes or a No) and click the "Ask" button
  6. Now let the Mystic 8 Ball do it's magic!